The Lettering Club came about because students were looking for an opportunity to develop their lettering skills and learn new methods of enhancing their work while also meeting in a social group.

Examples of the sort of techniques we might look at will be creating colour-washes, using masking fluid, simple bookbinding, using automatic pens to produce more abstract lettering, writing on different surfaces and with different nibs and tools.  The list is endless.  We may arrange group visits to view lettering exhibitions in museums or attend calligraphy conferences.

 If you have been on a Lettering by the Sea workshop in either Pen and Nib or Brush Calligraphy or if you have some calligraphy experience then this club is for you.  We will use be using both tools but it is not a requirement that you have attended both or indeed any workshops as basic instruction can be given.

The plan is that workshops will be held monthly starting in September 2024 and offer the opportunity to meet up with like minded students while learning lots of new techniques.

The basic club price is £20 for 2 hours and sessions will be bookable through the website.  This price will normally include all materials.  Any additional costs will be detailed in advance and will be reflected in the price of the workshop for that week however this will be kept to an absolute minimum.  Students can bring their own kit if they wish although this can be provided. 

It is anticipated that the  club will be run one evening a month (day to be confirmed).  A daytime class may also be added depending on demand.  Both sessions will have the same content but it is hoped the different times will allow everyone the opportunity to join.  Each month Bridgette will introduce a new project, show the finished examplar and provide the tools and instructions for you to create the same result. Spaces are limited.  



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Priced individually

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The Lettering Club, Lettering by the Sea