In our Adult Improver workshops we will be looking at new ways to take your lettering to the next level.

There will be a variety of workshops under this category and the title and detail in the workshop description will give a better indication of what will be taking place during the session.

As an indication, and depending on the workshop, we will help you to understand where and when you can bounce your letters and how we can’ break the rules’. We will also delve into the scary world of flourishing to add flair and elegance to your calligraphy.

There will be opportunities to write out your own chosen quote in simple and shaped format. Using bounce, flourish and colour, you will take home your own personal piece of art.

Some of the workshops will be project based and there will be a specific target that we will aim to achieve using different tools and embellishment ideas.

As drills are an important part of our calligraphy practice all of our sessions will incorporate an element of these at the beginning of the sessions.

Some experience of pen and nib is desirable for these workshops  either by attendance at a Lettering by the Sea beginner workshop or similar as they are not aimed at the complete beginner.

Adult Improvers, Lettering by the Sea

Priced individually

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Adult Improvers, Lettering by the Sea